Explain Nigerian Industrial Development Bank

The question asked talks to collective responsibility. Therefore, as previously suggested, the first step is undoubtedly an acquisition of your political will. The next step is definitely the directive policy describing the supreme goal or standards being attained in clear terms. Various elements of our social interaction will then be encouraged to develop goals and measurements. With the passage of your energy, we can assess the various targets and our processes. See naija news headlines for further details.

Today in Nigeria, because of our very corrupt electoral process, a Barack Obama would never have emerged, NEVER. As a matter of urgency, we much make our electoral process truly reformed and transparent if Nigeria ever truly desires to be great. Take a look at Boko Haram for more facts.

How Is Nigeria Perceived In The World

Psychologically speaking, psychoactive substance is something that people use to change the way they feel, think or behave. Furthermore, many of these substances are known as drugs, among others, like alcohols and tobacco are considered dangerous but are not called drugs. The term drugs also cover a number of substances, which must be used under medical supervision to deal with illnesses. Find more 1push here.

The country has failed in many areas because our leaders are entangled in managing government processes and political pandering instead of being servant leaders, by serving the interests of the masses. Under this scenario, a look into the country’s future without oil will be challenging. No less than, the nation may come to reality after years of poor judgments and mismanagements which have caused deep pains on the citizens.

All these have shown that Nigeria as a nation was created out from sheer colonial enforcement, to obtain control of peoples as well as to maximized resources inside the carved boundary of the colonial sub-entity in Africa. This, however, made her peoples (tribes/ethnic groups) to be bounded together in ‘fate’. Fate in the sense that, the differences inherent in the groups have given rise to so many crisis: culturally, politically, as well as on socio-religious ground. Many Nigerians recognized this fact including Amodu (2008) who states that: “We (the peoples of Nigeria) survived as a nation and as a people united by fate and in faith of God’s glory of your brighter, prosperous future for our beloved and blessed country Nigeria”. This means that, even though fate has brought the peoples of Nigeria together, their faith in God can certainly make them to survive against the odds bring about due to the differences within the groups. But as Davis (2008) puts it: “Fate as we know it sometimes lies beyond our means of understanding and surfaces at the perfect moment in our lives” Hence, fate has befall us (Nigerians) with the reality of staying/living, and cooperating as one big family to the greater achievement of the hopes for our a nation.

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