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We don’t recommend investing in a whole bank of electric heaters to help keep warm in the wintertime, but there’s undoubtedly how the occasional usage of a high quality one can be quite a quick, great way to consider the edge off a cold night, specifically if you’re sitting reasonably near to the heater as well as the room isn’t too big.

If you have a big space to heat, you might like to use a gas heater or possibly a reverse-cycle split-system air conditioner. However, if you have a tiny, enclosed space such as a bathroom or bedroom, heater band will perform the job – particularly one with a fan.

It’s often claimed this type or that type is more effective, or higher efficient. CHOICE tests have found that the sort of heater isn’t necessarily an issue; like all appliances, it’s the overall design and quality that creates for a good heater. Let’s look into the different types available.

We compare the newest electric heaters from brands like DeLonghi, Dimplex and Polo within our electric heater reviews.

These are personal heaters. As being the name suggests, they radiate heat coming from a red-hot heating element – the family unit must take turns sitting looking at it.


You can find floor and wall-mounted models.

Relatively inexpensive.


They’re not likely to heat air in a room perfectly.

The relatively exposed heating element can be a fire and safety hazard. By way of example, a sheet of clothing dropped over it might ignite, or young children playing around a floor model may burn themselves – so take care.

These heaters draw cold air over an electrical heating element. The warmed air then leaves the heater and rises to the ceiling, while cooler air moves directly into replace it.

They often have got a fan which increases the convection effect by forcing the warm air through the heater. By using the fan, your room will heat up faster and evenly. Without it, the atmosphere is prone to form horizontal temperature layers which may leave you with cold feet – particularly, if there’s little movement in the room (again, if you’re snuggled high on the sofa with a good book or watching a film – activities many people enjoy during winter). The fan will breakup these layers to a certain extent. However, it’s also noisy – so be sure the fan could be switched off. You don’t want the 96dexnpky drowning the TV!

Panel heaters are a kind of convection heater that happen to be, as being the name suggests, particularly thin and flat, though they can also be quite long. They often come with a wall-mounting kit for permanent attachment, very much like an old-style radiator (though some convection heaters can also be wall-mountable).

Micathermic panel heaters normally have the same shape as thermocouple temperature sensor, but they are often thinner. They may have panels of the mineral mica around their heating element; the mica absorbs the temperature and radiates it more evenly. This can help the heater warm the room faster plus more efficiently in comparison to the element alone.

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